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Welcome to Masonic War Vets Post 23

What is a Masonic War Veteran?

The Masonic War Veteran of New York  (MWV) are all Freemasons and veterans of the Armed forces who are or have served honorably in one of the Branches of military service.

Although the term War Veteran is part of the title, members are NOT required to have served during time of war or in combat to be a member of the MWV.


The MSW Veterans were chartered in 1948. Most of the Veterans had just returned from World War II, so little thought was given to the name at that time. But it was never a requirement to have served in a war for membership.


To act as a strong right arm to the Grand Master and to the District Deputies in all Districts, presenting Colors at all official visits, aiding in patriotic celebrations and Memorial Services. To sponsor and conduct visitations to V.A. Medical Center and New York State Extended Care Facilities consisting of comfort item distribution, worship service assistance, ward and birthday parties and therapeutic recreational activities.

Suffolk Post 23, MWV

We are one of the Largest and Most Active Masonic War Veterans Posts in NY State.

Encompassing the County of Suffolk, NY, Post 23 has members from almost every Lodge in the Suffolk District. We support the Grand Lodge and Grand Master of Masons of the state of NY and the District Deputy Grand Master of the Suffolk Masonic District. We support with our time and treasure, the Northport Veterans Nursing Facility as well as the Long Island Veterans Nursing Home at Stony Brook, NY.

Some of our activities:

  • We attend and support our District Deputy in all District Functions, presenting colors at all official visitations, patriotic and other Lodge ceremonies.
  • We assist Grand Master, in many ways to extend the usefulness of the Masonic Fraternity, adding color to all Masonic functions whenever possible.
  • We actively assist Masters of Lodges to increase attendance by offering our unique services inside the open Lodge , such as color presentations and other Lodge programs.
  • We assist Lodges in Flag presentations and retirement ceremonies.
  • We participate in in community functions and activities on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.
  • We sponsor and conduct Northport VA Hospital and LI Veterans Home visitation to assist in various presentations, celebrations and presentations.
  • We assist and support all MSA and Military outreach programs.

Our Branches Served

US Army
US Navy
US Marines
US Air Force
US Coast Guard
US Space Force

Suffolk Post 23 Uniform Donation Fund Drive



Donate to Suffolk Post 23 Class A Uniform Fund and assist the Post in providing the best presentation to Suffolk District and across the Jurisdiction.

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Our Post Officers

Elected and Appointed Officers

V:.W:. William Arnold

V:. W:. William “Bill” Arnold is a Past Master of Potunk Lodge #1071, currently serving as the Suffolk District AGL in addition to Commander of Post 23, MWV.

Bro. Chris Connelly
Post Treasurer

Bro. Dominik Peppaceno
1st Lt. Commander

Bro. Peppaceno is a member of both Potunk and Riverhead Lodges.

W:. David Hummel
Grand Post Representative

W:. Michael Sokel
Post Adjutant

W:. Michael “Mike” Sokel is a Past Master of Potunk Lodge #1071, SW of Riverhead Lodge #645.

W:. Vincent Scandole
Grand Post Quartermaster